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I help you to create a professional web design. We create a website that suits you, is super fast and state-of-the-art.

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You don't want to.

  • To struggle with Wordpress.
  • Having a website that you are reluctant to show. And if, you say "I'm still working on it".
  • Look for how to design a good website.

What if.

  • You have a website that you like to show off.
  • Your website does something with your visitors.
  • You have a website that works for you and you are not constantly working on it.
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The magic formula

Users find
what they need

"Clear content, easy navigation, and answers to customer questions have the greatest impact on business value. Advanced technology matters much less."

No theme! A custom design with your ideas.

You get a design with a concept: a website that expresses what you want. A design that appeals to your target audience. A website where content is highlighted with the help of design.

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Gain time for your business.

Designing a professional website without web design knowledge will be difficult. Even if the numerous Wordpress proponents tell you that. Let someone do it for you and use the time to develop and improve your products.

Zero plugins. No updates.

With a static website, you don't have any management overhead. Because you don't need plugins that are updated regularly. It's all in the code.

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Gains customers.

Your web pages pick up your target group. It offers them an experience with clear structure, clarity and empathy. You convince because you answer the questions of your target group. You make your users happy because your website is user-friendly. You get more customers.

Sounds good?


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Let's build a website together that people like to visit

EThere is nothing better than a website that works for you. After all, you appreciate a well-stocked store that saves you a lot of searching and has what you need.

Get to know me

How it works.


We talk to each other. At the beginning, in the middle, at the end. Directly and personally. There is no one else standing between us. We are in contact throughout the entire process.

Collect and structure

We collect your content and messages. We find out what questions your target group has and what is really important to say. A design without content is just decoration.


I create mood boards, wireframes and screen designs. This includes a color concept, a selection of fonts, image styles and other design elements. We discuss the designs.

Coding and launch

The drafts are packed into code. You can follow the development in the browser and comment. We can launch piece by piece or go online when everything is ready.

What service I offer you

Create concept

We find answers to the following questions: What are your goals? What is your offer? What is the benefit for your customers? What fears, wishes, questions and needs does your target group have? And what are your competitors doing? What is your unique selling proposition? Why is your solution better?

Define the content

What content does your target audience need? This is about providing answers and solutions to the questions and concerns of your target group. We decide which content to place on which pages and in which position.

Create design

What are your values? How do you want to appear to the outside world? Who do you want to appeal to? The answers to these questions help us to define colors, fonts, logo and other design elements. With a well thought-out and appealing design you will be remembered and increase your recognition value.

Implement technically

I write your website in HTML and CSS. I use Javascript deliberately in certain places. I do not use Wordpress. You get a faster website that outperforms all other websites. Why? Because everyone else uses Wordpress or other builders. Your website is responsive - it looks good on all devices.

Integrate user-centric SEO

Your website will be optimized for users and Google. The Google algorithm gets a fast website that runs cleanly on mobile devices and offers a top user experience (high quality web design and content), meta tags, no 404 error pages, internal linking and keywords. Your users get a website with added value and experience.

Improve texts

You write the texts. But I help you to write them crisp, understandable and powerful. Concrete. Empathic. Without everyday words. With personality.

Costs and service are determined individually.

Attention. The prices are for reference. I do not sell packages.
I work for 45 $ per hour (VAT included).

Static website with 5 pages

  • Modern web design
  • Technical realization
  • SEO
  • Launch
  • Changes 3 months after launch

from 2400 $

Static website with 5 pages + texts

  • Modern web design
  • Technical realization
  • SEO
  • Improve website texts
  • Launch
  • Changes 3 months after launch

from 3000 $

Website with blog + content editor

  • Modern web design
  • Technical realization
  • SEO
  • Launch
  • Changes 3 months after launch
  • Your own content editor

Is coming soon

Website with blog + content editor + 1 blog article

  • Modern web design
  • Technical realization
  • SEO
  • Launch
  • Changes 3 months after launch
  • Your own content editor
  • Text editing

Is coming soon

Yes, I want to talk to you

Invest the money in a website that meets today's standards.


Create recognition with a custom design.