Life is too short to put things off

Someone said to me the other day, "When I retire, I'm going to travel the world." A good joke. When you retire, you have diabetes, high blood pressure and take 5 different tablets every day. You have to carry the pills with you because otherwise you won't survive. Great prospects for a trip around the world.
You have a great idea. Awesome. Then let's work together and get your idea out into the world.

Yes, I want to talk to you

My story

I had this thing in my hand and thought it couldn't be.

A world collapsed inside me, even though I had consciously decided to do it. But who would have thought it would happen so quickly.

I was pregnant. Bloody hell. I had just graduated from university. And still no job in sight.

Was I panicking?


I would never find a job. And if I didn't work after graduation, no one would take me after parental leave.

After panic comes escape. Which is more difficult with a baby.

I didn't have to do much convincing. Philipp thought it was a great idea to travel with a child and take a year of parental leave.

During this time, I cancelled my plan to write a doctoral thesis. Instead, I trained in graphic design, web design, SEO and copywriting. Meanwhile, I designed and coded a few websites. I have written articles that appear on the first page.

I am ready to offer you my help. I can assist you in creating a professional website. I can show you how to create content that people want to read and that will rank on Google and other sites.

You want to win the hearts of search engines and users with a presentable website and your content?

Then let's talk.

What am I here for?

I'm here to help you become visible to the right people and make an impression. Without throwing money out the window.

Yes, exactly!

No money for Facebook and Google. And if so, then only as an extra, but not as a main strategy.

What is my mission?

I would like to help other self-employed people, small businesses and projects to improve their web presence in the online world.

How do I do it?

With a professional and state-of-the-art website that ranks on page 1 with quality content and captivates its readers.

Too difficult?


But you need brainpower, patience and high standards.

I want to help those who cannot afford an expensive web design and SEO agency, to be seen and found alongside the big companies.

What is important to me?

I have a positive attitude. I want to achieve my goals. That also includes falling. I see criticism and falls as positive. But only when I am criticised I can improve something. I grow from it and become better.

I believe in myself (not always easy for me). I know that it takes time and commitment, to achieve something. I work on myself and my goals.

I prefer to work together on projects. I value the mutual feedback and the competences of the individual.

I want to remain open and flexible - even when I am an old granny. I believe that the world is more human through tolerance, acceptance and respect.

I want to stay modest my whole life. I appreciate the little things in life. I want to live consciously and mindfully.

Quality takes time. But perfection takes much longer. I deliver quality. My standards are high: I want to write the best article and design the best website. But I'm not a perfectionist. I want you to get ahead. I'd rather tackle imperfectly than procrastinate because I want it to be perfect. I accept mistakes and correct them.

Thinking out of the box, is one of my ways of finding other solutions and taking other paths. I question a lot. I combine and think differently: we don't all have to follow the same well-trodden path. There is no such thing as the one right way. These qualities help me to overcome boundaries and boxes.