Your bad web presence is annoying you.

I help you to become visible: With a smart website and content that ranks and interests your target group.

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You are

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Not because it's really raining. But it feels like it because you don't like your website. It could use a new coat of paint. You need someone to help you with design and copywriting.

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highly motivated.

You want more customers. But you don't know how to achieve that through your online presence.

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Everyone around you is talking about SEO. But you have no clue what exactly is behind it and what you need.

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Yes, you could renew your website or build a new modern website. You could learn about SEO. But you are busy with other things and want to focus on the things, that you know how to do: Your business.

You need

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A modern website.

You don't want to be the old tube TV among websites. Modern means: clear, structured, responsive, an appealing design. A website that pleases you, represents you, your values and business and makes your customers stay.

Convince with your website
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Content, that ranks.

You don't want to be a content ghost on the second page of Google. You want to increase your reach and awareness, and you can do that with articles that appear on the first page. This takes a little time (Google is slow), but it also saves you from constantly posting on social media channels.

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Topics, that are needed.

Like socks in the cold winter. Find out what problems your target group has and how they enter them into Google. Whole clusters of topics will emerge. You offer solutions for the problems of your target group.

Start to rank
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Quality that convinces.

You want to be the café that makes that incredibly good coffee that everyone wants to drink. Your customers want quality. If they don't like it, they'll leave. With quality you gain trust, you look professional and convince.

Working together towards your goals

I value getting to know you, your target group, your business or your project. This is the basis for a website with recognition value and for content that creates emotions and loyalty.

Get to know me

You get

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More traffic.

Because people find you. Your title and content meet expectations.

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More visibility.

Because you rank and your content is read.

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More customers.

Because you convince with quality and empathy.

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More satisfaction.

Because you like your website and your customers are enthusiastic.